Dante Vitoria


Dante Michael Anthony Vitoria

Dante Michael Anthony Vitoria, the CEO of The Vitoria Group, has made exceptional contributions outside of business and finance. Over the years, he has become a patron for a variety of organizations and causes such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Lourie Center for Pediatric MS, and AHRC. His passion for children, human rights, health, and education coexist alongside his passion for economic empowerment and politics.

Humanitarianism goes hand in hand with business as these organizations most often require a huge amount of support from those who can provide capital. Business owners, sponsors, and other benefactors serve as a huge asset in their quest to raise money for research and public outreach. Dante Michael Anthony Vitoria has served as such as benefactor to these organizations out of pure passion, and he is committed to helping these organizations develop at both a moral and practical level.

In the past, he has had experience with management and finance through his business degree from New York University, as well as 30+ years of experience as an investment banker on Wall Street. He is familiar with skills such as:

  • Investment banking
  • Asset management
  • Financial lending, services, planning, and analysis
  •  Stock markets
  • Business management and development
  • Management consulting

The Vitoria Group is a company that helps business owners find the capital they need to kick start their business, and Dante Michael Anthony Vitoria does this by developing relationships with other businesses and commercial banks at an international level. His expertise in finding resources, and proper, satisfying business proposals for his clients is excellent. Started in 1991, The Vitoria Group has formed relationships with major entities for over 25 years, and has supplied numerous business proposals to investment banking clients.

As an owner of a successful company, Dante Michael Anthony Vitoria knows that pleasing clients is not easy, as finding capital requires hard work. For this reason, he has made it a mission to provide expert consultation, counseling, and professional support for his clients. He presents promising business proposals to his clients, funds, and other financial institutions for consideration. 

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